(Holiday) Friday Favorites!

Happy one-week-until Christmas!! I've been feeling like Santa's helper around here, dressing in festive gear, munching on holiday goodness, wrapping up presents, and handing out holiday cheer like the sweet gift below...

These little guys went out to my hair dresser and Pure Barre teachers. Baby sparkling wines? With a cute straw? Who could say no to that. 
(Cards and straws from the dollar section at Michael's, Prosecco from Target)

Sipping on holiday drinks only adds to the festive feeling - especially when said beverage has extra whipped cream. 

This happened. Mini gingerbread houses. All. The. Heart. Eyes. I used the template from this tutorial for the dimensions, with the leftover dough from gingerbread men that Sweet P and I made (I used the same gingerbread recipe I used back in October). I can't even tell you how much more fun it is to drink coffee with a tiny gingerbread house on top! Bonus, the coffee will taste a bit gingerbread-y. 

I doubled up two of my favorite essie polishes and, oh my word, I have the most festive nails that will take me right through NYE! I started with a base of my tried and true matte good as gold, with the sparkly rock at the top on top. Holiday fabulous!

 We've had the best weather lately. Sunny and in the 70's... so I've had awesome opportunities to try out the new (incredible) 50mm lens that Max gifted me for my birthday back in October. And this little man? My favorite Friday Favorite of them all! 


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