Manicure Monday - Midsummer Colors

I totally play favorites with nail polish, and the only brand you'll find in my stash is essie. When I find something I like, I stick to it! And, bonus, I love the uniformity of having all my bottles look exactly the same. I get super excited when I spot essie's new seasonal colors. Here's what I'm wearing this summer...

Good as gold is actually an old favorite. I usually never use a nail polish until it's empty, but y'all, I did with this stuff. It is amazing. It's the perfect neutral, with a totally fool-proof application (the finish is shiny and very forgiving). When I used mine up, I was horrified to find that it was not for sale anywhere. Then, just last week, I spotted it online again! I snatched one up, but I'm waiting to try it to make sure it's exactly the same as I remember before I stock up (sometimes when they re-stock colors I feel they change them a bit). If it is the same, I'm totally buying them out. 

My most recent purchase is chillato (also, how adorable are the essie polish names?). Chillato is a very light yellow-green and looks awesome with summer whites. 

What's on your nails??


  1. love all those colors! I am super partial to Essie as well.

  2. Girl, I am the exact same way! Essie or nothing at all. I love your summer colors (& new blog name!)

  3. I'm an essie girl too!! I have to try that gold color! I wish I was better at painting my own nails!!

    1. Try the Good As Gold! You seriously cannot mess up applying it!! There's something about the finish - it's genius!

  4. Oh I want all these colors!! They are so perfect for Summer! xo, biana -BlovedBoston


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