Klein Dot Co

Well, the blog got a little name change! I dropped the "blog" in the web address and we are now found at klein.co - which just so happens to be a darling name, so I decided to roll with it! Klein Dot Co, adorbs, right? This month also happens to be blogiversary month. That's right, hello to SIX YEARS of blogging! Although those first entries are full of very poor quality pictures. Thank goodness for the addition of SLRs and updated iPhone cameras :)

To celebrate blogiverary month and Klein Dot Co's new name, I'm kicking off with a whole week of fun posts! Be sure to check back all week long. Here's the line-up...

Manicure Monday
Taco Tuesday
What's Up Wednesday
Thirsty Thursday
Five on Friday
Sweet Home Saturday
Ice Cream Sunday

See you back here tomorrow!


  1. I love it all! I will be checking daily. Love your blog pics and everything! You inspire me.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Can't wait for a whole week of posts!! So Fun!!

  3. Congrats on SIX years!! Can't wait to read this week's posts! XO, Kelly


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