Happy Friday, y'all! Here's what I'm loving this fabulous Friday...

1. Concerts in the Park every Monday evening
Parker can't get enough, and will say "Walk downtown!!" and then "Clapping!!" all throughout the day when he knows we are going. He just can't wait to get his dance on. 

2. Monthly Meet with the Sweet Huntsville Bloggers :) 
I'm twelve kinds of grateful to Amanda from Kevin & Amanda for bringing me into this phenomenal group! I learn so much from these ladies and they are tons of fun. This month we met for lunch at Pieology in Huntsville's Bridge Street Town Centre. I had never stepped foot into a Pieology before this - wouldn't you know, it's like Subway for personal pizzas! Very cool! You just line up and choose your toppings and they bring out a piping hot pizza to your table in minutes. Yum!

3. Summer Starbucks Coffee Deal
Who else gets super excited about these Starbucks sticker cards? This one is just like the Christmas drink card they do in December, but for iced beverages. I think I can definitely manage to get four more iced coffees over the next month to fill up my card and snag a free one! Score!

4. Itsy Bitsy Yoga 
Yoga has been a part of my life for many years. It took on the form of Pre-Natal while I was preggers, and Mommy & Me after Sweet P came. Parker knows that I like to go to classes, and whenever he has a sitter now he assumes that's where I'm going and says "Mommy Yoga!!" :) Anyway, I picked up Little Yoga for him about a year ago. He loved reading it and looking at the pictures, but he had no interest in doing any poses. Fast forward to this summer. Little Man is all about the yoga. Being a yoga lover myself, this makes me ridiculously happy. Parker fishes this book our of his book basket and says "Baby Yoga!" and I just melt. He tries his best to do all of the poses, which are shown with both a drawing of a child and an animal to associate the pose with (for example a cat for cat pose).  I love our little sessions and we even picked up this book
(by the same author) to do before bed. 

5. Date Night - times two!
Max and I got out not just once but twice this week! Go, us! We caught a showing of Jurassic World, which we both actually really enjoyed. I realize the movie got mixed reviews, but I think the negative comments were from viewers who had ridiculously high standards, and wanted the movie to be something it's not. It's a Jurassic Park movie -of course it's going to be a bit unrealistic and totally cheesy - that's half the charm of it :)

And, am I the only person out there who eats movie theatre popcorn even though it totally makes me sick afterwards? I just can't help it! The more fave butter flavored topping, the better! Also, I made my husby pose with this movie title, ha! 

For our second date night of the week, we headed the five minutes down the road into downtown to the Von Braun Center. Literally, it's 1.5 miles from our house, so it's also walkable - small town living, I love you. 

And why were we there? Oh, just to see this guy, who had that show in the 90's.

Yep, Jerry Seinfeld was in Huntsville. Though husby and I both agreed that he's looking more like Matt Lauer these days. Apparently Seinfeld comes every year because he can pop right down in his private jet, fly home that same night, and the show always sells out. We actually had great seats considering we got them the night before on Stub Hub. Max and I were both dying at Seinfeld's bit on marriage - like real life crying emoji laughing. The whole show was actually super clever and hilarious, just like we thought it would be! 

How was your first full week of July??


  1. How cool to see Seinfeld! My husband and I have been watching reruns on Hulu lately and love it! Also, the concerts in the park look like so much fun! We have something like that here but they don't do them in the summer due to the horrid AZ heat. I'm looking forward to them starting back up in the fall! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Yay for 2 date nights in one week! I bet that Parker doing toddler yoga is beyond precious! Have a great weekend :)

  3. YAY for two date nights!! And how fun that you saw Jerry Seinfeld. Parker is just the cutest dancing. Weekly music is awesome. Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  4. We have a similar pizza place called MOD pizza and its so good. I want to look into that baby yoga! Sounds perfect!


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