Strawberry Fields Forever

Parker and I are back in Sweet Home Alabama! We had a whirlwind of travel in April and May, flying to Texas, California, and Arizona! We were able to visit all the grandparents, attend my sister's baby shower, and see lots of friends and family along the way. Parker continues to be quite the frequent little flyer - he logged in 24 flights last year alone, and I have officially given up on keeping track of his actual running total (I think it's in the mid thirties). We had a blast, but travel is exhausting!

When we returned, I made it a point to enjoy the last bit of spring Alabama is offering before our first summer hits. One of the "spring activities" in our area is strawberry picking! You'd think growing up in California that I had done this before, but not so! I had never even heard of "you-pick" farms before moving to the South. So one sunny and seventy-degree day last week, Parker and I drove the thirty minutes up north first thing in the morning to arrive at Brown Farms.

Since it's later in the season for them (they run through the end of May), they only had their far field left for picking so Parker and I used one of the farm's wagons and hiked the short trek out there. 

We purchased the "you-pick" gallon for $11.50 - what a bargain!

 Parker got the hang of it right away. 

He was so proud to pick those strawberries and put them in the basket!

Scouting out more! 

They were seriously beautiful, and fresh as could be!

Parker had to run and get just one more for his "mouth" before we started the walk back.

So long, strawberry fields! 


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    1. Thank you! I wish I would have brought the big camera to take close ups of all the gorgeous strawberries!


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