Daddy & Mini

For Father's Day two years ago, I gifted Max (and Parker) their first ever matchy-matchy shirts.

Since then, the fun has just continued. It's such a sweet way to celebrate this special relationship.

What's even more fun is that Parker is finally at the age where he knows what's going on - he knows he matches Dada. And Little Man loves it. He goes to his closet and points to his "Dada Shirts!" and will point to himself all day while wearing one, proclaiming "Dada!" If you are looking for some matchy-matchyness for this Father's Day, here are some other options...
toddler sailboat shirt | adult sailboat shirt

toddler swim trunks | adult swim trunks

And finally, a brand putting out their own version of Daddy and Mini: Pair of Thieves Dad + Kid!

My sister-in-law actually alerted me to the Dad + Kid sock display she spotted at Target. Unfortunately, the Dad + Kid packs can only be found in stores (though you can purchase adult sizes online).

What are you planning for Father's Day?


  1. So cute! They must be so much fun to shop for!!

  2. Umm I am in love with those plaid ones!!! so adorable!! Hopefully after we adopt baby #2 Thomas and babe can match!!


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