Huntsville Blooms

This is our first spring living in Alabama, and my first taste of actual seasons. After five years of living in Scottsdale (with its one season of hot), and a lifetime in California with mild weather year-round, I have just been in awe of the changes going on around me right now. 

Spring brought the cherry blossoms, trees and hills went from bare to green, flowers started budding and everything came alive. Spring has also presented us with some gorgeous, sunny and warm days, and after the snowy and cold winter we had I can fully appreciate this wonderful weather so much more than before! It's made me want to live outside. We've done family meals alfresco, walked to the local park, explored the botanical gardens, and basked in the sunshine on neighborhood walks. 

Can you believe these photos were taken just a month apart??

Since we purchased our house in the fall, and moved in during the Christmas season, we had never seen our house in spring or summer. Imagine our surprise when flower after flower kept popping up everywhere! 

We even have little ferns! 

Taking one of these rosebush leaves to a nursery is on my to-do list. It looks like something it eating it? Oh, dear! Are there any rosebush experts out there?

 Little Man is loving exploring all the new colors. His new favorite word is "out-tiiide!" (outside!).

And because I just can't stand the cuteness of this pic, a little father-son sweetness...

Dada has also introduced Sweet P to bugs! 

We saw this tiny caterpillar repelling from a tree. Parker thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Dada tried to explain being "gentle" to the caterpillar. It may or may not have worked. Eeek! 

Happy May Day, y'all!


  1. Cute! I really miss having seasons since moving to AZ. It was already 100 degrees yesterday and I'm already wishing for fall again lol!
    XO Kelly

    1. I remember that so well! Scottsdale is flipped- all the outdoor activities are for winter, and in the summer you stay inside to escape the weather, ha!

  2. I can't believe that those two pictures are only a month apart! Your house looks great with all of the green grass & flowers going on :)

    1. Thanks so much! Spring happened so FAST! I was so sad to see all the flowers already dropping! Blink and it's over. I must remember for next year...

  3. Your house is so precious! Welcome to the midwest with the changing seasons! And we live in Missouri, and I'm by no means a gardener...but I would say that your roses are being eaten by Japanese Beetles. Google it...they are a pest. We always had to spray with Sevin spray several times a year to kill them off and keep them from eating our beautiful rose bushes...but your local greenhouse may have some advice otherwise.

    1. Lauren, thank you so much! This is super helpful!

  4. Your house is BEAUTIFUL! So glad you're enjoying this wonderful season! Happy Mother's Day!


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