Garden Update: May

Back in April, my mom helped me start my very first garden. We planted heirloom tomato seedlings that we purchased at the Botanical Garden sale, and look how they've grown! I added cages for them this month, and I'm already spotting flowers! 

We also planted several different herbs, including basil and mint. Then, last week I read that mint shouldn't be planted in the ground because it will take over everything around it. So, I uprooted and potted the mint (and oh my word, the roots were already out of control so I'm glad I moved it when I did!). 

I also had to uproot and move the kerria bush we had planted after I found its tag, which indicated it needed shade. This gave me more room to plant veggies! I added a bell pepper starter from a local nursery, and also okra seeds. Okra was the one and only thing Max requested, so I'm crossing my fingers it grows. 

So far, so good. This is a close-up of the okra yesterday morning:

And another from yesterday evening: 

Yep, we check on the garden that often. Parker's favorite place to be is "owt-tiiiide!" so he never turns down an opportunity to go in the backyard. We even picked up his own little watering can. 

He just loves to help out!

Happy gardening!


  1. Yay for gardens!!! I also made the mistake of planting mint in the ground and it's spread all throughout our yard, so when Thomas mows he gets the occasional whiff of mint! I think I have mostly pulled the rest out of our veg patch...but it's taken 5 years!!

  2. I want a garden!! Copain has the green thumb though, not me. Maybe I can get him to do some window plants - very Parisian :-) Good luck with the okra!


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