49ers Faithfuls

Having attended both undergrad and grad school at a university without a football team, I've never really had a reason to watch college football. I do, however, love my San Francisco 49ers. Yesterday was the start of their regular season, which for me, is the start of football for the year :)

Max was home for the weekend (yipee!) and we decided to watch the game on the projector in our theatre. We are following the advice of the AAP and don't allow Parker to watch television while at home (we don't turn it on, period, if he's awake), but we did make an exception yesterday and we let Parker see a teensy amount of the game when he woke up from his morning nap (though I think he was more excited to sit on the couch and hold the remote control). 

This little man loves spending time with his dada!

Max and I finished watching the rest of the game later when Parker went back down to sleep. Not that it was much of a competition - the Niners dominated and beat the Cowboys 28-17. It doesn't sound like they won by much, but as one of the commentators said, "The game wasn't nearly as close as the score would indicate." Yay, Niners! What an awesome way to start the season!

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