Bumpdate: 3/4 Baked!

It was back to school this week, which meant back to teaching my sweet kinders, firsties and second graders. I got a lot of: "Mrs. Klein your baby has grown!"... "Mrs. Klein your baby is so cute!"... and even "Mrs. Klein I want to kiss your baby!" 

Our first Birth Basics class went well. We learned that hydration directly impacts the amount of amniotic fluid available for baby, and that dehydration is the number one cause of pre-term labor. I was very glad I had brought a big tumbler of water to class :) Max (as always) impressed the instructor with his observations and questions. Whenever we meet someone new (nurse practitioner, obstetrician, technician) they always assume he's in the medical field because his questions are so technical. We have to say no, he's not that type of doctor, but he did become an EMT on the side just for fun. Our Birth Basics instructor informed me that my husband was very astute and should have been a physician instead of a Ph.D. ; )

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