Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

Feeling BIG! Oh, so BIG! It's en effort to get out of bed (something I do probably seven times a night on my way to the restroom) and Max has (ever jokingly and lovingly) pointed out it's like a semi-truck trying to do a wide turn. Despite the fact that I feel huge, I do forget how big I actually am now. Case in point: I was getting out of my car, ready to head into the classroom and I slammed my car door into my stomach. As in, my belly was protruding so much it got in the way of the path of the door.

Baby is loving cheeseburgers these days. Mmmmm. Also, cheese quesadillas and Twizzlers. Last night I dreamt about ice cream - literally, a whole dream all about going to Baskin Robbins and choosing which flavors for my sugar cone. As demonstrated by my food dream, I've been extra hungry this week. I'll eat a meal and an hour later I'm ready for another one. I'm guessing this is because the bean is now growing at the rate of half a pound per week! Wow!

Max has taken to wearing earplugs to bed because I have started snoring so loudly. Oops. It's one of those not-so-lovely pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, we're going to have to search for another solution because Max woke up to my snoring the other night even with the earplugs in!

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