SLR Takes the City by the Bay

One of my California days was spent as a girls day with my family doing a tasting tour of San Francisco's Little Italy. I broke out the SLR for the day:

We parked in Chinatown, and all the parking spots had fortunes on them! 

 Just around the corner was Little Italy!

The tasting tour started at Cafe Roma,

where we learned about coffee beans and roasting (the tiny bean is a green coffee bean pre-rosting - after it turns unto the big dark sort). 

 We moved on to sample biscotti, 

and famous San Francisco sourdough. 

We peeked in to see how it's still made in old, old ovens.  

The sun came out sometime after! 

Cute cousin pic: 

It was a beautiful San Francisco day!

The tasting tour led us to saltwater taffy,
 and fudge...

Then fish tacos, 

 and profiteroles!

Such a fun (and tasty!) day with the family! 


  1. I love this!!!! Did you sign up with a tour or did you plan this on your own? Such a fun idea! Xo

  2. We signed up for a planned tour - our guide was named Blondina and she was a hoot!

  3. How much fun! Know you all had a grand time. And I LOVE the pics! Adorable!


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