Husby Turns the BIG 3-0 in Vegas!

To celebrate turning his latest multiple of ten, I planned a Vegas weekend for the husby! I actually took him on a surprise Vegas trip for his 26th birthday four years ago. This year's surprise was that joining us in Vegas he would find....

His mom (who greeted us in the Venetian lobby with one of the performers playing the happy birthday song):

And his friend from Texas plus his fiance (here we are after dinner at Joe's in Caesar's Palace- delicious!!) 

We spent the night playing Black Jack. My crazy husband likes to make ridiculous plays. He says he has math behind him and most of the time it works out. At one point he split tens - which you should never do ever- and promptly got two Aces making two blackjacks! The dealer was stunned. Of course when he got the whole table to do it everyone lost. I'll also point out I did not take his advice and ended $100 up that night ;)  

At midnight Max officially turned 30! Here's the photo to document : )

The next day we celebrated with a birthday lunch at the Grand Luxe inside the Venetian. 

Then we headed over to the Bellagio for a backstage tour of Cirque Du Soleil's O! We first saw the show on Max's birthday trip four years before (I chose it knowing he loved water and the entire show is done over a ginormous pool). We saw it again on our anniversary last year, and I would seriously watch it over and over. Each time we had tons of questions about how they do everything, so going behind the scenes was incredible!

We learned about the rescue divers under the water, the tons of regulators to provide air to the performers, and we even got to go on the stage and under the pool. Photos were only allowed at the end of the tour so of course we snapped a couple.

Then it was off to the Bellagio's beautiful conservatory. 

I loved this art made of flowers! 

The Bellagio is home to Todd English's Olives, where we went for apps and drinks before the actual O Show.  

We learned about some interesting new alcohols, like this one called hum

A bonus at Olive's, you can see the Bellagio fountain show! 

Then it was off to see O

Again, photos were prohibited however I snagged this one from the Cirque Du Soleil website. It gives a glimpse to the amazingness of the show. 

To cap off the actual birthday, we dined at Sensi at the Bellagio (where we also celebrated Max's 26th birthday!).

The birthday treat came out in its own container made of ice, so neat! 

The next day there was lots of Craps playing. Max came out about even, and that's including the tips for his numerous White Russians ; ) Finally we were on the plane and headed back to Phoenix. So long, Vegas! 

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  1. amazing weekend! happy birthday max! I've always wanted to see O, but now I REALLY want to see it!


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