I'm loving that the countdowns have started: one month until spring break and three months until summer break! How did that happen?!? First signs of spring in our backyard... so pretty!

I'm loving this teacher dress, my one (and only) Jason Wu for Target purchase:
His line debuted on February 5th, and after missing out on the Missoni for Target last fall, I figured if I headed over in the morning on the 5th, there would be plenty Jason Wu to choose from. Um, no. I walked in around 9:30am to the first Target, which had nothing left. On to the second Target, which had exactly one pice of clothing in my size out of the entire collection. Apparently, all the Targets in the area had women lined up before the stores even opened!

I'm loving this carry-all that one of my sweet classroom families gave me. I seriously carry it to and from work every single day.

What can I say? I grade a lot of papers : )

I'm loving that I finally got to bring this little guy out:
I found the blackboard last year after St. Patrick's Day. The best part? It was from a Target end-cap! Score!

Finally, I'm loving this new app:

It lets you make sweet cards to send via text and email, and you can even add photos to them all on your phone! It's also free! In my (over) three years with an iPhone, I have yet to actually pay for any app, although I'm sure it will happen one day!

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