My friend, French Cannes Cannes

A couple weeks ago, my sweet friend French Cannes Cannes did a blog entry about her favorite reads. And who made the list??? Moi! She called me a little ray of sunshine : ) I'll take that any day!

It just so happens that French Cannes Cannes is on my list of favorites as well. You see, she's an American girl in Paris, just like Carrie Bradshaw in the last episodes of Sex and the City. Except French Cannes Cannes speaks French. Oh, and she has lived in France since college so she now has dual citizenship officially making her a Frenchy. So I suppose she's actually not at all like Carrie Bradshaw, except for the fact that she probably runs around in fabulous ensembles and and enjoys pain au chocolat.

Anyway, the blog is extremely entertaining. FCC is witty and funny. I sometimes read the entries out loud to my husband. I might love it so much because we lead such polar opposite lives...

Me: House and yard in Scottsdale (we need a humidifier)
FCC: Apartment in Paris (she uses a dehumidifier)

Me: Cacti, havelina, the desert in general
FCC: Only one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world

Me: I drive a car
FCC: The VĂ©lib! (Kind of like Zip Cars but with bikes!)

Me: My Texan husband
FCC: Her French Copain (boyfriend)

It's just so incredible to think of how lives can unfold in such different ways! I definitely recommend reading French Cannes Cannes if you'd like a glimpse of life on the other side of the Atlantic : )


  1. Hahahaha!! Fabulous ensembles - One can dream! Pain au chocolat? - yes please! I love the AZ vs Paris comparison - life is crazy n'est pas? Merci mon amie! I'm so glad you're back from Pinteresting;-) xo

  2. Ps - i dream of sprawling out in your house and yard - you have so much space!!!! (you can add "Teeny" in front of "apartment in Paris" :-) le sigh

  3. We should do a house swap!! Like Wife Swap, but with homes!


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