Cheating on my blog...

Yes, I've been cheating on my blog... with Pinterest. Blog, I sincerely apologize. But I was wooed by Pinterest's many home and classroom ideas and delicious recipes. Here are the Pinteresting things I've been up to lately...

Most recently, I made these jell-o shots for a birthday bash we attended last night.

I can't get over how absolutely creative they are! As I was slicing them, I kept yelling out "These are soooo cute! These are so, so cute!"

The tutorial on Pinterest found here made it so quick and easy:

These s'mores-on-a-stick also wowed me with their style:

So I whipped up my own for a dinner party back in January : )

This pantry inspired me to tackle ours:

At the time, ours looked something like this:

It was begging to be taped for Hoarders.

Instead, I high-tailed it to the Container Store, spent an entire weekend organizing, and we now have this!

It makes me giddy!

Gone are the days of buying things we already have because I can't find them (I may or may not have found five already opened jars of peanut butter during the clean-out).

My mouth was seriously watering when I came across this recipe for Banana Carmel Cupcakes:

So I tried my best to replicate it!

Mine is nowhere near as straight and compact...

But the hubs gave it the thumbs-up, so that was enough for me : ) The best (and effortless) part of the recipe was the carmel whipped cream. Simply whip heavy cream, fold in jarred carmel and voilĂ !

I loved this sweet way to preserve those precious Christmas photo cards:

So I gathered all ours (which were up on our stairs until Valentine's Day - seriously. At least the garland and ribbons were taken down by then).

And put them together with our own card on as the cover.

Now they're ready to be tucked away until Christmas 2012 : )

I hope life has been just as Pinteresting lately for all of you! : )

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  1. Wow! I am so impressed! And L-O-V-I-N-G that pantry! ok....i'm a little jealous...but more INSPIRED! xoxox yo MIL ;)


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