What I'm Loving (Leap Day) Wednesday

I'm loving that it's a leap day! A whole extra day, just for us!

I'm loving this Cork Pops wine opener! Max calls it a pneumatic bottle opener. I say that the opener has a needle that pushes the cork out with gas pressure. We both say it's super exciting and very fancy to use.

The Cork Pops was a sweet gift from these awesome newlyweds who came out to visit last month! : ) Thanks, Brad and Chandler!!

I'm loving the cane sugar Coke (hecho en Mexico!) we picked up from Costco last weekend. The taste is cleaner and not as sharp as the U.S. cola, and quite simply just delicious.

I'm loving that, when I cut into our one lemon from our tree, it was just as perfect on the inside as it was on the outside!

I'm loving our Oxo containers. I had heard they were awesome, so I sprang for them (they're a bit pricey) back when I was organizing the pantry. But honestly, they way surpassed my expectations. This is the desert, and I'm used to things drying out overnight. So imagine my surprise that everything I stored in the containers weeks ago is still nice and fresh. Yes, a happy dance is going on over here.

Finally, I'm loving this orange gerber daisy in my classroom:

You see, it's really an air freshener sent from my sweet mom in California!

Smiles from my flowery fresh classroom!


  1. our lives are way happier with an attitude of gratitude!!
    and you seem to have a lot of blessings to count!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Well first I was going to comment on the wine opener because now I MUST have one... then I was going to make a comment about the coke because I will have to pick some up for the bf it's his FAVORITE... then you gave a raving review for the oxo containers that I have had my eye on for a while and lastly that cute lil air freshener for the classroom.... it's all just TOO much!! I love it all!! hahaha. Thanks for sharing all of your finds! xoxo


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