Silly Me!

May is an oh-so busy time in the life of a teacher. There are the report cards to finish, the end-of-year party to plan, the student gifts to make:

(I'm filling sand pails à la last year)

Finally, there are the parent volunteer thank-you goodies to give out. I decided to make little treat bags filled with cinnamon bears labeled: Thank You "Beary" Much ; )

Last week I ordered said cinnamon bears online. When I opened the box this weekend, I pulled out a surprise:

Yep, nestled in my six pounds of bears were two bags of candy corn. I was sure it was a mistake, but when I looked up my emailed receipt, there it was on my order: 2 pounds of candy corn. Then my mind wandered back to October when I was browsing for candy corn online, before just picking up some locally. Apparently I placed the bags in my virtual "shopping cart" and they stayed there until I went back to the site in search for the bears last week. My (not so) watchful eye just missed the fact that I was ordering them. So now I have Halloween candy in May. Candy corn, anyone?

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