Our Graduate!

We were so excited to fly back east this past weekend to join Max's mom in celebrating his sister, Meredith. Meredith knocked our socks off graduating magna cum laude from Tufts University in majors International Relations and French, with an Arabic minor to boot. Talented? Oui!

We were able to attend the baccalaureate ceremony the day before graduation and heard a lovely message that was applicable to us, too. It touched upon the importance of being in a job that was challenging, and one that fulfilled a purpose in which you believed. It was so nice to be able to reflect and note that Max and I are both in places where we can say this is true.

The graduation addresses the next day were appropriately aimed at the students, warning them of the dire economy and encouraging them to persevere in finding their first out-of-college job. We had the pleasure of watching sister Meredith sit back and relax during these times, having already snagged a fabulous job in her field. (I mean, who wouldn't be fighting to get this trilingual dazzler?) So, one last cheer for Meredith! We love you!


  1. Aw, so glad y'all were here to celebrate!! And y'all were the best little packing helpers (even though I have yet to unpack a thing...) Maybe I can hire you guys come fall to do it all over again when I get a permanent place to stay...? hehe
    Love y'all!!

  2. How sweet. The happy times we all share together are more dear to me than you will ever know. Love you, sweet Mande, and so glad to have you as my daughter!


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