Seventh Year, Here I Come!

Today I finished my sixth year of teaching : ) Granted, the last two years were not full years as I swooped in after the school years had already started, but it was my sixth last day of school. That means six different end-of-year parties, six different last sets of report cards, and six different closing circles complete with tears - mine and the students! This was my first year teaching first grade, however, and I sent my darling firsties out in these cute graduation headbands:

The younger grades are just so much fun! This was also the first time in three years that I haven't had to pack up my classroom! Yes, after moving my fourth grade classroom from California to Arizona two years ago, and having to pack up my kinder classroom last year, I am once again able to stay in the same place and the same grade level! I was very lucky that no one snatched my position in the draft, and I feel so blessed that my school has asked me back! I officially signed my contract last week which means come August I'll start my seventh year of teaching! Though, it will only be my fifth first day of school ; )


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  2. Hello,

    I am a preschool teacher and have been looking for these headbands for graduation. Would you mind sharing where you bought them?


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