Royal Watch 2011

I'm totally on William/Catherine Royal Watch - I'm loving any news I can get my hand on! I of course watched the actual wedding live:

Max thought I was kidding when I said I was setting my alarm to 2:45am to watch it but he should have known better ; ) Sitting there in the middle of the night, crisscross on the couch in the den in my glasses and pajamas and knowing that it was all happening at that very instant was like nothing else! I loved every minute!

I was so excited to find the UK's Daily Mail website that has all the up-to-date information on the now Duchess of Cambridge. Like this photos that I'm just waiting to pop up in Us Weekly's "Stars - They're Just Like Us" section.

Apparently Kate is pushing what the Brits call a "trolley" - gotta love their slang. That one's right up there with "pram" for stroller, "kip" for nap and "downstairs" for underwater.

The Duke and Duchess have also announced that their first international travel will be to my native California! Be good to them, California!

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