The Theatre Room!

With two full time jobs (I'd actually call them full time plus ; ) it's been slow moving over here in Happy Valley Ranch getting our house in order. At the top of Max's list is setting up the theatre room. He finally has the space to do it properly in our new home! I've loved my supporting role in this endeavor...

Here Max is cutting the space for an outlet to get to the speaker wires. This wifey is sooo happy they'll be hidden in the walls! ; )

He's such the engineer!

Getting those wires to the right spots was a bit of a challenge involving Max running around the attic dropping wire down the walls all the while on the phone with me, and me peering into the holes with a flashlight searching for the wire to pull it through the holes. I'm quite the engineer's assistant now : )

Mounting the projector also involved Max heading up to the attic, this time to cut a hole for the projector mount and to rest a 2x8 on top of the rafters so that the projector will hang nice and securely:

And while there are still some to-dos in the theatre room, we are now enjoying larger than life HD and surround sound. Yay!

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