Sex and the City 2!

Here's a photo from last night's Arizona opening day showing of Sex and the City 2:

Thank you to my hubby for not only spending the day helping pack my classroom, but also standing in line for an hour so we could have fabulous seats at the movie (and then using his super-engineer skills to make sure we were eye level and in the middle of the screen). The manager came out before the showing to welcome everyone said that we were in the "Cine Capri" - their largest theatre. Max predicted that with the crowd (consisting mostly of rowdy groups of women) the poor guy would be eaten alive. True to his prediction, one of the groups of women yelled at the guy to "take it off!" and he had trouble continuing.

Seeing it on an opening night was great since the crowd was super into it and even cheered after. The reviews for the movie, however, have been absolutely awful! While I think that the actors seemed a bit removed, and the comedy was somewhat forced, every Sex and the City fan just wants more Sex and the City, and more screen time for the iconic characters - so this fan was quite pleased and loved all 147 minutes of it : )

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