Do It Yourself-ing

A much as we love our house and our backyard, there was definitely some "deferred maintenance" which was evident when we moved in...

These are our rosebushes, which have been overtaken with aloe and weeds (lots of which is dead) and over on the right is a giant rosemary bush creeping its way over:

Since my mom was in town last weekend, we all made a day out of clearing up the (what seemed at first like a) small area:

My mom and I found that aloe takes over anything - here's a plant growing on top of the rosebush:

And the only good thing about trying to take it all out is that there is the nice gel inside the leaves for soothing all the cuts and scrapes from the thorns:

Max found a wall! It was there the whole time behind the rosemary!

And although we're not finished yet, looking at the befores and afters is a nice reward for the cuts and scrapes (and the sore muscles the next day):

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  1. I always love your blog! Can't wait to come see the house for myself. You guys are too cute. We miss you!!


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