It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Earlier this month, Max brought home this invitation to his work Holiday Party. Looking at it, you'll find beakers as well as scientific equations on the decorative border, and may also note that the venue is the Arizona Science Center... I wouldn't expect anything less from a company full of engineers ; )

All dressed up for the wonderful evening:

And here, dressed down for some attic work:

Specifically adding more to this patch panel for our home network:

Again, I have more of a support-type role for these ventures:

Max also spent some time this weekend working on his UGS (Unattended Ground Sensor). When he's done, the UGS should be able to detect movement and radio back to a base. My hubby started with a box of two-way radios he purchased from eBay. Here he is taking apart the first one: that he can alter the circuit board inside:

Now putting the cover back on:

Besides the motion sensor attached to the front, the altered radio looks the same and can even still function as a two-way communication device, in addition to being able to sense movement and alert the base station radio. Yay, honey!

If you're wondering what we could possibly want with these devices, we plan to leave them in the woods to find out the location of animals (like hogs!) at night... yes, at night so we can also try out that night vision scope we picked up at the auction. You can also probably infer that this was all Max's idea but I'm game to tag along : )

Cheers from our happy home!


  1. Love reading your posts!! You two are too much...

  2. You know, there are warning labels about using items for 'other than the intended use'.....and the fun police are likely to stop those who disobey....;-)


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