The First 100 Days

Yes it's true: we've been "Dr. and Mrs." for 100 days now! Here's an update on our very own "State of the Union" : )

Dining Chairs: We have gone from 2 to 10! That's an increase of 400%! (But Max calls BS, the new number is including the *patio* chairs too!) <--- And I say that we "dine" on that patio set so of course those chairs should count ; )

Guest Room: Has since housed four different guests with more planned for 2010 ; ) Yay!

Theatre Room: Although the cardboard boxes upon which our speakers are resting really add to that "we're newlyweds" feel, our plan is to add speaker stands and a nice bookcase (proposed funding planned in the 2010 budget).

Love and Happiness Levels: Through the roof (sorry to my sister and anyone else who gets nauseated when we're around). Being married is just more fun and amazing then we ever imagined : ) That's all for now from these lovebirds.

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