Gobble Gobble!

Max and I spent a happy Thanksgiving at the Baldini's this year in California : ) We found a little bit of Texas waiting for us there via a Greenberg Smoked Turkey (the smokehouse goes back to Max's great-grandfather):

Yum! We are also loving the turkey that was sent to our home in Scottsdale since we couldn't really take Thanksgiving leftovers back on the plane (thanks, Dana!).

Although the mini-vacation went by really quickly, we did get a chance to make it as a family to the aquarium in Monterey (something I had been dying to do for ages):

The special Seahorse exhibit was amazing; I especially loved these guys that look like greenery:

Unfortunately, Seahorses are super difficult to keep and are very fragile so it looks like our puffers won't be getting one as a companion (although I'd still love to have one someday!).

Also on our list of favorites, the jellies:

...and of course the huge two story tank that housed Hammerheads and Lemon Sharks! Lemon Sharks, you might remember, are the big guys we dove with in Bora Bora. I never thought I'd be the one thinking that I'd love to hop in a tank with sharks but it definitely crossed my mind while we were watching them (I blame this completely on my husband). Thank you, Baldinis, for a wonderful time : )

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