Cheers to Seven Years

Seven years ago today we became husband and wife. It somehow both feels like it was yesterday, and also a lifetime ago. 

Seven years ago today...
I still had a California Drivers License. Max and I had just moved into a rental house in Scottsdale where Max had landed his first post-Ph.D. job. I had known my husband for less than two years - this is the funniest part because I really can't imagine life without him now. 

Seven years ago today, we had no idea we'd one day be living in a sixty-year-old house in Alabama. That we would have a son who is the light of our lives. That Max would be driving a salvaged Porsche Carrera that he rebuilt entirely himself. That the blog I recently started would still be going seven years later

But we did know we wanted to be together forever and ever. That we wanted to face life's joys and challenges as a team. I picked this handsome genius of a groom, and I'd pick him a million times over. 


  1. This is so sweet! Happy Anniversary... you make such a cute couple! XO

  2. Happy 7th anniversary to you two! Sure seems like a lot has changed for y'all over the last 7 years :)

  3. Happy Anniversary. You two have been through so much since you have been together. Way to go on your husband rebuilding a Porsche!


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