It's Just Halloween Fun

October goes by the quickest out of any of the months (at least in this house!). And this past week was full of Halloween fun! Last Sunday was the third annual neighborhood Witches Ride, and my second time participating (we were out of town the inaugural year). 

The ride is a benefit for Blount House, and it's seriously so. much. fun. to ride in! Max snapped this picture of my friend and me heading over to the neighborhood elementary school where all the witches gather to start the ride. 

The kids and dads (and lots of moms) stay back on the streets and wait for the witches to ride by and toss out candy. As you can see from Parker's face, he was stoked. I actually had a conversation with one of my mom friends who said she can't imagine riding because it's so much fun to stay with your kids and see them have fun - and I said I'm totally the opposite, and think riding is so much fun (though I've never stayed back so I guess I really don't know what I'm missing). I do get to see my little guy when we go by our house though. As you can see in the picture below, I was just a bit excited to spot him. 

It's hard to tell by these photos, but there are hundreds of witches (they space us out at the starting line).

After the ride there was a block party down the street complete with food trucks and a band. Such a perfect October day!

Parker was super into carving pumpkins this year, so we all did our own (while wearing pajams, obvi).

I did a design for the first time ever, this cute ghost:

And all lit up at night:

Max likes to show off 😉

And Parker needed a bit of help, but this was his first real time carving:

I got into the spirit with spooky lunches for Parker...

And spooky dinners for the family...

On Halloween day, the kindergarten classes at Parker's school had class parties (and even got to wear Halloween shirts instead of their uniforms). 

I helped decorate the food table and made hot dog mummies to share.

I also brought these funny apple mouths, which are still cracking me up:

And dinner that night? Leftover mummies of course.

We had piano lessons from 5:30PM-6:00PM, so Parker literally wore his costume there so he'd be ready to Trick-or-Treat as soon as we got back! He's been on a dinosaur kick the last few months, so he's been telling everyone for weeks that he's going as a Flying Pterodactyl. He was very specific that his dinosaur needed wings.

Post-piano, ready to roll!

We were already getting Trick-or-Treaters at this point, so we camped out with one of the candy baskets (it was a gorgeous night so I ended up staying on the porch the whole time to pass out candy while Parker and Max made the rounds).

They ended up at our neighbor's/Parker's senior buddy's house where Parker helped pass out candy there until they ran out.

 Happy guy sorting his loot. Such Halloween fun!

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  1. Aren't you the cutest witch? ;) Hope you all had the best Halloween.


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