Grand Cayman | Days 4-6

By Day 4 in Grand Cayman, we had our morning routine - wake up, don our beach clothes, and have breakfast on the beach! 

On this day, we followed breakfast with some island exploring. We headed up the island to Rum Point, which we missed completely on our last visit since we didn't have a car then. 

We drove back through Georgetown and visited Gelato & Co. I haven't really had a sweet tooth this pregnancy, but I'll never turn down house-made gelato!

It was seriously amazing (and the chickens added to the ambiance, ha ha).

Back at the Westin, we used beach service for a late lunch and Mudslides (virgin for P and me). You know, #whenonvacation 😉 Later, we snorkeled right of the beach and had a poolside dinner across the street at Sunshine Grill before turning in early. 

The next morning we, once again, woke up to the most amazing view:

Max was signed up for the complimentary 9AM group paddle boarding lesson provided by The Westin. Parker and I hung back to be cheerleaders.

I took the opportunity to bust out the SLR and snap pictures of both my boys.

After the lesson and a little ocean swimming, we lunched at the diner across the street and once again made our way over to the marina for another trip to Stingray City! We had told Parker before we went the first time that if he liked going on the boat, we'd schedule another trip. Well, he wanted to do the same exact thing. So, onto the catamaran we went!

On this trip, the crew handed out squid to feed to the stingrays, and oh my word, they were all over us

The second stop was amazing! We saw my very favorite purple coral fans, plus tons of fish and other corals. 

Best of all, we spotted squid! It was my first time ever seeing them in person, and I was super excited! They change shapes and colors so quickly that they were simply mesmerizing - I would have seriously watched them forever.

And this super poisonous rockfish was half buried in the sand by the boat's anchor (can you spot him?).

At this point in our trip, Parker had already declared that he was ready to move to Grand Cayman and that we wanted to be a boat captain. When he told this to Captain Charlie, she was super sweet and invited him up to steer... for the entire ride back to the island! He had a blast. She even had him radio in for permission to enter when we were approaching.

We watched the sunset from our room back at the Westin, then headed back to our favorite restaurant (The Cracked Conch) for dinner (surprise surprise, cracked conch for Max and the pasta with Caribbean lobster for me). 

And because I had to have that amazing gelato one last time, we headed out to their other location that came up when I googled them. Come to find out, it was in this incredible modern outdoor space on a tiny inlet called Camana Bay. There were tons of shops and restaurants, apartments, a movie theatre, and of course Gelato & Co. If you've ever been to Santa Row in California's Bay Area or Kierland Commons in Scottsdale, Camana Bay has a very similar vibe - and felt so out of place on this tiny island, like it was a mirage or something! I'm so happy we came across it!

The next morning we woke up, fed Parker breakfast in bed, and said good-bye to the ocean one last time before our flight out. 

Until next time, Grand Cayman!

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