Bumpdate | 4 Months

Baby is the size of a: pomegranate!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +11 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: I'm in search of maternity workout leggings! If anyone knows of a good pair, please let me know.

Cravings: I had an egg, cheese, sausage and potato breakfast taco from Little Rosie's with a Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks every day for breakfast for a week. I'm also obsessed with sour strawberry candy belts and Pellegrino.

Aversions: Chicken and Waffles, bleh. I had this once at the very beginning of pregnancy, and even Instagrammed a photo of the dish that I had to then delete afterward because I'd get nauseous just looking at it. I had no idea it was still an eversion until I went to breakfast with some girlfriends and we all got dishes to share... and I couldn't even look at the chicken and waffles plate (which they all raved about).

Symptoms: I'm still getting nauseous every once in a while - I even had to leave one of the dinners on my girls California trip because I got so sick (even sadder, it was one of the restaurants where they filmed The Real Housewives of Orange County and I was so excited about eating there!). I also have major pregnancy brain. Last week I got a text from what I though was my dentist's office saying I had a cleaning the next day (though it wasn't in my calendar). I showed up to a very confused receptionist, who asked to see the text and phoned the number listed... then informed me that the text was from our housekeeping service. I also found a full carton of yogurt in the cabinet with our bowls... one guess who accidentally put it there 🙋

What I Miss: It's already hard to bend over to put on socks on shoes... this shouldn't have happened this soon, right?!?

What I'm Looking Forward To: Working out again! I'm feeling so much better now that I'm in the second trimester, and have gotten back into to Pilates and Pure Barre. 

Best Moments: We took Parker to see my latest ultrasound - he asked questions non-stop! I've also been feeling flutters which is the best! And, let's not forget my prenatal massage in California a couple weeks ago - heaven! The same trip where my sweet Boys Club girlfriends surprised me with a "Boy or Girl" shower!! I'm one lucky Mama!

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  1. Blanqi has the best maternity leggings!! And they just came out with workout ones. I still wear the postpartum leggings and the maternity ones were super comfy.


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