Today was Parker's final day of preschool - ever! I just cannot believe that, come August, we will have a kindergartener on our hands! His class celebrated today with a morning of swimsuits and water fun. And now, we are officially in summer mode. 

We've never done a set schedule for summer, but when I came across the above image one of my friends had pinned (via HERE), I just knew it was perfect for our Summer of 2018! I love how each weekday provides something to look forward to, but isn't so rigid that you can't add in other things. Bonus, the schedule pairs perfectly with this year's Bucket List that Parker and I had come up with earlier in the week:

If you're looking to keep to the same "Summer Fun" weekday schedule, here's what I've brainstormed so far:

Make it Monday

1. Homemade Play-Doh
2. Aquabeads
3. Create a Music Playlist
4. Squirt Gun Painting
5. Put on a Play

Take a Trip Tuesday

1. Cathedral Caverns
2. Museum
3. Library
4. Botanical Gardens
5. Bowling
6. Top Golf
7. Shakalaka
8. Frios

Water Fun Wednesday

1. Water Balloons
2. Pool
3. Sprinklers
4. Splash Pad

Thoughtful Thursday

1. Take flowers to a neighbor
2. Leave a note in a library book
3. Send snail mail to family
4. Deliver extras from garden to friends
5. Pick up trash

Foodie Friday

1. Upside Down Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls
2. Dessert Pizza
3. Dirt & Worms (chocolate pudding and gummy worms)
4. Homemade Ice Cream
5. Blueberry Pie
6. Individual Pizzas

So, I totally need more ideas for Water Fun Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursday - any suggestions? Is anyone out there doing something similar for summer?



  1. What a fantastically fun summer idea!! I doubt I’d be able to keep up with it but sounds like a great goal!!!

  2. We used to play this with Jayson when he was younger and he loved it! Maybe Parker will, too! Water Sponge Bullseye!

    1. He would looooove that!! He’s all about throwing things 😂 Thank you for sharing!!

  3. What a milestone! Can't believe how early you guys finish for summer - I am guessing the autumn term starts earlier than us in August? I think it is great American children start school later than us too; it is way too young over here (4). Looks like you have a fun summer planned, and the chalkboard wall is a super idea!

    1. We go back the first week of August here in The South - but in California I was used to the school year going into June! The chalkboard wall was from the previous home owners and I love it!! I have a serious chalkboard obsession!

  4. I love this idea. Molly of Still Being Molly does a RAOK every day for advent. Her list is here: That should help with your Thoughtful Thursday. She even made a list for one act each day for a year:

  5. You and Parker are going to have so much fun this summer. Love the Summer Bucket List that you created.


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