Friday Faves

Happy Friday, y'all! We are back from a vacay to my home state of California last week. More to come on that in the following days (#spoileralert - I visited friends and family and ate my own weight in crab). Until then, here are some Friday Faves...

I'm wearing these Draper James sunnies (in Tortoise) in the photo above. I've seriously jumped on the Draper James bandwagon, and love that these sunglasses are bit Cat-Eye without going over the top. My new favorites!

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and as a former teacher, it still gives me all the feels. Coffee Carts, gift cards, catered lunches... I remember those weeks well! The parents always went above and beyond to show their thanks. It's fun being on the other side now. Parker's preschool had different themes for each day of the week, which made giving little gifts even more fun. Monday was flowers, Tuesday was relaxation and pampering. Wednesday was a BBQ lunch for the teachers where parents all signed up for different items to bring (we did twenty five BBQ quarter chickens!). Looking back on my teaching days, there was nothing better than getting up and knowing I wouldn't have to pack a lunch for myself! If you're looking for something to do for your teacher for an end-of-the-year treat, offer to bring her lunch one day! Panera, Chipotle... Mexican Takeout or a chopped salad. Trust me, she'll love you forever.

Have you heard of Rothys? This is in no way at all sponsored, I just really fell in love with them. These shoes are knitted from recycled water bottles! They feel like air, and are machine washable. My old black flats were worn at the toe and ready to be donated, so I upgraded to these and love that they can literally go with anything (casual to fancy). They are on the pricy side, but I think they're worth it (I'll give an update in a few months to share how they are holding up). 

If you missed it, yesterday I posted the recipe for this Strawberry Shortcake. I used a heart shaped biscuit cutter instead of a circle one, because #cuter. 


Our last and most favorite as of late, we had a visit from Parker's Nana & Papa! (Side note, see the Rothys above? I'm telling you, dressed up or down!) Nana and Papa were able to take in a tee-ball game while they were here, and we just the best cheerleaders. Look at those Cubs hats!

We also made it out to the newly opened Top Golf, something Parker has been dying to do as we pass it every single day on the way to preschool. We all thought it was such a fabulous activity, and we'll definitely be back!

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

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