Life Lately - May Edition

May - the month where everything wraps up! Earlier this month, it was the Museum Guild's end-of-the-year fundraiser. This year's theme: Foothills to Fine Art (boots encouraged) so Max and I both donned them for the occasion! We realized it had been way too long since we had been on a date night (Parker reminded us our last one was in December!).

P.S. If you're my sister Michelle, yes, these are the same boots I borrowed from you circa 2006 for a country concert 🙈

We checked in on our little man when we got home - he was pretending to snore so we hopped in his bed for a selfie to bust him!

 Next up was Mother's Day!

We did the Mother's Day Brunch at Purveyor - they did a lovely job with a combination of buffet (carving station, hot dishes, fruit, smoked meats) and made-to-order omelets, pancakes and French Toast (which was my fave, besides the plated desserts - because it's totally fine to follow up French Toast with dessert, right?). 

Parker spent May polishing up his piece, Two Little Marches, to play at the Hawthorne Conservatory end of year concert.

The big day came May 17th, and this guy was stoked for the Spring Recital.

Sharps, flats and chords with both hands - and he didn't miss a note! Beyond proud of our five-year-old for performing with such confidence in front of a huge audience. 

If you're a Royal Watcher like I am, May 19th only meant one thing to you: The Royal Wedding!

Yes, I went to a watch party at five in the morning. And yes, I wore my pajamas 😂 I mean, I didn't feel the need to put on a cocktail dress at five in the morning. I did, however, feel the need to put on pearls and a fascinator.

We had a blast playing fashion commentator. My best-dressed went to this lady in red and pink - her braid and fascinator were impeccable!

My favorite photos of the couple were the ones in the horse drawn carriage. The procession with the cavalry was just beautiful (and lived up to every royal expectation I had), and this photo shot from above is just perfection to me. 

Also, I got a crack-up out of this photo montage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II...

How do you follow up a royal wedding? Well, with the last tee-ball game of the season, of course!

We were so lucky to be on such a fun-loving, happy team - we really lucked out getting Coach Patrick! It was a super season!

By the end of the season, Max had taken over dugout duties. I just adored seeing both my boys out there on the field!

Post last-game cookie cake. Go, Cubs Go!

Our little All-Star ⭐

Later that day, my Junior League literacy committee had our very last event of the year, a field day for the kids we had been working with over the year. Both Max and Parker came for the set-up and the clean-up (how lucky am I?). Max of course also took the photo below after we were all done.

That next morning, Max was on a 5AM flight to NYC to prepare for the opening of trade day on Monday... which he got to participate in!

The most handsome man to adorn that building, I do believe!

Tomorrow it's the last of the lasts for May - it will be Parker's final day of preschool! Bring on summer!



  1. You look SO CUTE in the dress & boots!

  2. There were so many reasons this post was such a great one - I LOVED your two dresses - the Lily (I am guessing) and the embroidered one with the boots and turquoise earrings - so many great elements! I am jealous of the boots. Brunch for Mother's Day of course sounds like the most perfect idea and baseball too (I'd be wearing the cap as well!). Love the Instagram HM post. Have a wonderful Memorial Day week-end - our's is a Bank Hol too (for Whitsuntide) and the children are on half term break - yay! A big remembrance thank you to all of your grand-fathers who fought for us - many of us wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for your guys' selfless actions. My Grand-father never forgot that and made sure we didn't either - your forefathers will be in my thoughts this week-end!

    1. Good eye, they are both Lilly! Hugs to you this Memorial Day ♥️


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