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Happy Spring! Spring weather in The South is nothing short of ridiculous. It was literally 83 degrees yesterday, followed by severe thunderstorms (plus fallen trees and power outages) in the middle of the night, then we woke up this morning to 40 degrees and a freeze warning. Go figure.
The wild swings shouldn't last much longer as our last frost date is next week, so it's just about time to plant our backyard summer garden!  We stocked up on soil at Costco this past Saturday.

Parker helped me weed our garden plot, then Max tilled and added the new soil. Next week is the Huntsville Botanical Garden's Spring Plant Sale and it's one of my favorite days of the year. If you're local, it's a must - I've gotten all my garden starters there for the past three years now!

Speaking of the garden, we participated in their Bunny Bonanza a couple weeks ago, and had Gigi in town from Dallas to join us! 

It's the third year we've done the event, and the garden does such a wonderful job with everything.

This year's eggs included lego pieces (to go along with the current exhibit) and the cutest, individually wrapped Jelly Belly jelly beans!

Easter Bunny love.

Lego niftiness. 

The rain held out long enough for all the egg hunts, which are organized by age. Our big guy was in the five and six year old section this year - when did he get so old?

Parker also wanted to get one last hockey game in before the season ended.

T-Ball practices started up last week for our little guy. We are doing a different, spring league this year. You can spot Parker batting and Max helping out with throwing and catching in the photo below!

 Fast forward to this past weekend, Easter weekend! My Saturday started with barre class.

They do the best holiday surprises!

After barre then garden prepping, we dyed our eggs with cool whip. It's by far my favorite method as there's nothing to spill, and it creates a neat tie-dye effect. 

The finished eggs!

And Parker's traditional Peep House 🐣

We went out for tacos that night as it's was Max's send off (he was slated to fly to India the next day, Easter Sunday).

Parker would only participate in the family selfie if he could take a photo on his own of Mommy and Daddy 😂 So funny to see the world from his point of view. 


Parker woke up on Easter so excited to see if the Easter Bunny came. He put on his shoes with his pajamas before even coming downstairs so he'd be ready to hunt for eggs in the backyard. 

He had so much fun egg hunting, then came back in to go through his goodies from grandparents and the Easter Bunny. 

Easter brunch consisted of grapefruit mimosas, fruit salad and quiche. I used this recipe as a starting off point for the quiches - I love that you can mix and match it with different meats, cheeses and vegetables. We had a ton of pasture raised eggs from our CSA and had also recently received some shiitake mushrooms from the farm, so I made one with asparagus, shiitake and gruyere, and the other with zucchini, ham and cheddar.

Max headed out midday on Easter to catch his flight to India, but unfortunately was hit driving into the airport parking garage (from someone exiting through the entrance). He ended up missing his flight, and Parker and I ended up heading out to the airport to get him (and watching his beloved rebuilt 911 being towed away). Luckily, the damage is fixable so Sandy should be back up and running soon.

Max's only option was to come back and try the exact same flights the next day, which is how we found ourselves back there on Monday dropping him off (really, what better time to have your car in the shop than when you're in India, right?). Parker is putting on a brave face, but this was the first time out of countless business trips that he's gotten emotional about Daddy leaving.

Luckily, thanks to FaceTime, it's just like any domestic business trip on our end (except for, you know, the eleven and a half hour time difference).


  1. The time differences are such a struggle when my husband is traveling! When he is on the west coast there is almost never a good time for him to call and talk to Camden, it makes me so sad! So I can't imagine an almost 12 hour time difference!! You guys had a lot of Easter fun and those quiches sound AMAZING!!

    1. Oh you are so sweet! I think England is the hardest (6-7 hours difference). We actually get in two calls a day with India because our schedules are the exact opposite (starting our day here when he's ended his over there and vice versa). And yes, the quiches - highly recommend!

  2. Great to read and catch up on all your comings and goings! I am guessing Gigi is your MIL - she is super stylish! Seeing your garden pics I would love to see more updates on how you go as I need some serious inspiration. We dug out a large bed last autumn and I now haven't got a clue how to plan it out / what to do with it. I am sure my Mum would help but I'd like to somehow shock her that I can actually garden. I love your shed BTW! I am loving all the American Easter Bunny pics - that has not arrived to our shores yet but it has given me the idea to do it next year at the hotel (who knows maybe I'll get in the costume!) Your table scape looks sooo pretty and the signage - I am guessing you learned it via the class you posted on instastories? Looks ace! Best Wishes - Joanne (I think my comments are become like letters to penpals!!)

    1. Love your comments!! You always make my day! My favorites in the garden have been zucchini (and squash blossoms!), cherry tomatoes, herbs, carrots and okra. My radishes are always bitter and spicy for some reason. I pick up almost everything as starters from our Botanical Garden so I know that they are meant for our area and will work well, but we have major issues with squirrels munching on everything!). Not sure what would work where you are - I think your summers are a bot colder? And yes, I've been practicing my hand lettering! I'm obsessed!

  3. The garden event looks great and I hope you have fun at the sale. I hope the car is fixed quickly and not too expensive!

    1. Oh thank you!! Cannot wait to have fresh herbs again! :) And hopefully insurance will cover the car damage since Max wasn't at fault!

  4. I'm so sorry that his car got hit! Yikes! I'm glad that it's fixable! I hope he has a safe trip back home! And yes, girl, this weather. Gracious! Woke up to 38 degrees this morning but it's going to be in the seventies today! What does one wear on a day like today?! Lol.

    1. And on your birthday, too! At least it's not tornado watch day like last year!!


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