Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday! We've had such a mix of weather over here lately - rainy one day, sunny the next, so we've been jumping at the chance every warm day to enjoy the moment and get outside.

Parker and I have also been soaking up all the Dada time we can when he's here. Max has already been on more than thirty flights this year, so needless to say he's been gone a lot (and it's even harder on him because he's the one doing the business travel and missing out on family time). This past week, he was out in California while Parker and I kept busy here in Alabama. 

I busted out my paintbrushes (I hadn't touched them in years) and painted this abstract piece with my free nights. 

And this is what Parker looks like when practicing piano... life with an almost five-year-old 😊

We signed this guy up for spring tee-ball this year with the city league instead of the YMCA - can you tell how stoked he is to be starting soon?

In the meantime he keeps busy with indoor faux hockey. Worst mom ever or best mom ever? 

If you're local, Frio's has introduced Girl Scout Cookie popsicles - with actual cookies in them. The Thin Mint flavor? Amaze.

Our other downtown walking destination? Honest Coffee Roasters for coffee for Mama! And update on the pink velvet bow TOMS I ordered a couple weeks ago - they are even more fabulous in person.

A little light reading in anticipation of P's birthday this month.

We spent one of our rainy mornings watching Peter Rabbit at the theatre - Parker and his friends laughed the whole time.

And since then, he's insisted on being called Peter Rabbit. Again, life with an almost five-year-old. 

Max returned home late Thursday night, then Friday morning I woke up and saw this email about Hunter partnering with Target! I'm having flashbacks to the Lilly for Target event and the chaos of the line, and I'm wondering if I'm brave enough to try again. Thoughts?

Friday we met Max for lunch because we weren't about to miss a meal with him now that he was back in the same state!

Our little family of three headed to a Huntsville Havoc hockey game that night - Parker loves to watch the teams practice before the game and he was super excited to be given one of their practice pucks.

I'm just there for the popcorn. #kiddingnotkidding

The Havoc won - wahoo 🎉 And we're just excited to have Dada back at home again.

Have a sweet week!


  1. I saw the Hunter for Target announcement too and like you, had those Lilly flashbacks! I think I'm going to skip out on this collaboration because I wasn't too thrilled with the Lilly one! And we love going to Havoc games!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. Little Man is obsessed with the Havoc! Which Target did you go to for Lilly? I heard Madison was more calm 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Those popsicles look delicious! So sweet you were able to sneak in a family lunch when Max was home!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    1. We walk to get the popsicles so I feel like I can always justify them 😂

  3. Of course you are the BEST Mum ever enabling the indoor hockey! Parker looks so cute at his piano with his bunny ears - 5 is such a wonderful age. He seems such a multi-talented little chap! I know what it's like when Dad is working away a lot - but you do develop such a special Mummy - Son relationship! :) You are lucky in the States the sports events are so family friendly - Andy took Caspar to see Man Utd and he never wanted to go again because he didn't like the swearing. Your painting is fantastic by the way - I wish I had that talent! Happy Monday! Joanne x

    1. Oh my gosh, you are TOO sweet and you totally made my day ♥️


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