Life Lately - Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day this year came right off a week plus of illness, right when we were getting back into the swing of things. I feel like we were still a bit slow-going, but so happy to be celebrating my very favorite holiday. I saved up all the valentines that Parker had received in the mail and put them out for him on Valentine's Day morning along with his pink pancake breakfast.

The day before, I had made arrangements of pink roses for Parker to give to all the teachers at his school (I had saved and washed clear, plain soda bottles to serve as vases for all of them). 

Husby surprised me with my own floral arrangement that morning from my favorite florist in town, Old Frond!

Dinner that night was super easy but super special - King Crab Legs! Parker requested it months ago - he's seriously a magnet for whatever is the most expensive (fancy aged cheese, sushi - he wants it all), and we have to constantly tell him that some things are for special occasions, and we can't just have crab every single night 😉 Our Nashville friends always do steamed artichokes with their crab, so I ran with that and added garlic bread and Caesar salad - a perfect Valentine's Day dinner!

As for what's new with this little guy, he received his official acceptance letter for kindergarten in the mail and I completely lost it. The formality of the envelope and opening it up reminded me of a college acceptance letter, and I just burst into tears (which totally confused Parker, btw). It wasn't at all that I was sad about kinder (I'm totally excited about this next step and think P is beyond ready), it was more the ceremonial aspect of the confirmation - does that make sense? It totally didn't to Parker, who kept asking why I was crying if I was happy. 

And what better to cheer myself up than with a smoothie bowl?

I listed the recipe for this vegan strawberry one on Instagram. My secret ingredient is fresh house made Almond Milk (I get mine from The Juicery Press). I think it makes all the difference!

Wishing you happy like a four-year-old with a mocktail on a Sunday morning!



  1. What delightful photos! The roses in in the vases is such a pretty and thoughtful idea, and the bouquet from your husband is beautiful - what ore could you want than flowers and Champers? Yous son is soooo cute - mine had a duffel coat exactly the same at that age. The picture with the mocktail is just the best - Europafox x

  2. What a beautiful Valentine's Day! Ours was low-key but we always make it a little special.

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing it


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