Five on Friday - Sick Week Edition

What a week! Parker has been out sick from school since last Friday (coughing, fever, the whole nine yards), and Max has been away on business travel. I literally sent Max this bitmoji on Wednesday:

Fittingly enough, it was even raining in Huntsville at the time. It's heartbreaking seeing your little one ill, and frustrating and scary when you don't know what's wrong. Add in an entire week of Parker and me being home-bound (missing out on errands, canceling dates with friends, rescheduling appointments) and yes, that was my current mood. Just a week before, I was reflecting out loud to Max about how easy it's been lately when he's away on business travel, which has been often - this year alone, he's already traveled to Boston, Tampa, Austin, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Portland... and it's barely February! I spoke too soon because Parker came down with a bad fever the very next day, resulting in a tough week for us both. Go figure. I took him in to see his pediatrician around day five, and Parker tested negative for everything (including the flu, whew) so it's just a virus that has to run its course (and after seven days of being miserable with coughing and fever, I'm hoping that it finally has!). 

But I do try and keep it upbeat here in blogland, so on to my Friday faves...

How adorable are these pink bow TOMS? Plus, they're currently ON SALE. I did a little Internet shopping this week, and these babies are on their way. I'm hoping they are just as cute in person.

I started and finished The Last Mrs. Parrish. Oh my word, if you're a B.A. Paris or Gillian Flynn fan, you'll love this book. It took forever for my hold to come in at the library (anything from Oprah's Book Club or Reese's Book Club is always in high demand), so I was stoked to finally get my hands on it the day before Parker came down sick (perfect timing).

Sick days have meant lots of soup - and takeout! The chopsticks from our favorite Vietnamese restaurant made me smile. 

I dabbled in some more macro photography! This was a Ranunculus from a bouquet we had on the kitchen table. Macro photography is quite difficult, and definitely challenging, but I'm really enjoying it. This was taken with our Canon 5D camera and the Canon 65mm f/2.8 1-5X Macro Lens.

I've been loving sharing everything we learned on our vacay to Disney World! If you missed the posts this week, click HERE for how we planned and traveled, and HERE for a detailed recap of Day One at The Magic Kingdom. More to come next on all things Disney World - there's still so much to share!

Stay healthy and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Loving this pink Toms ! Hoping that your little guy starts feeling better soon ! We are battling the cold symptoms here in Nebraska.

  2. I hope Parker is on the mend soon! We had all the sickness we could handle last month and frankly, I hope to never see a thermometer again!

  3. Hope Parker is feeling better! You are so right about those book clubs lol! I have The Last Mrs Parrish on my list and it's always checked out at the library. Have the best weekend!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. Poor Parker. I do hope that he's started to feel better. We've been avoiding going out to crowded places with these flu germs flying everywhere. Thankfully, none of us has caught anything.

    The Last Mrs. Parrish is on my TBR for next month since I'm participating in the March Mystery Madness Read-a-thon. I've heard so many good things about this book.

  5. Oh bummer, sorry about the sickness! I hope you're all feeling better soon! The photo of the flower is awesome!

  6. You got the Tom's. I need them! I just need to buy them! I hope you are all feeling better soon. I totally feel your pain. I am right there with being sick.


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