PCK 4.5

Our sweet PCK is four-and-a-half. Where have the years gone? Last month we submitted his application for kindergarten and I just about cried.

This guy has such the imagination right now. He's always pretending to be something. Last year, he would only answer to "Swimmer" after seeing the swim races on the summer Olympics. This year, we attended a summer minor league baseball game in Nashville, and Parker latched on to one of the player profiles - Jaff Decker - and insisted on being called Jaff Decker for months. He'd totally get into it and would type in "Jaff Decker" as his name whenever we went bowling, and would sign "Jaff Decker" on birthday cards and thank you cards (yes, he didn't yet know how to spell his own middle name, but learned Jaff Decker no problem 😂).
And while we still don't have television at home, we love to make exceptions and stream important events and shows like The World Series this fall. Parker was super excited since his former tee ball team, The Dodgers, were playing. He wore his Dodgers hat non-stop that whole week!

Some tried and true loves for our sweet man - Boba drinks:

Sticks (he's all boy):

And elevators!

Plus, outside is hands-down his favorite place to be.

He's also become such the reader! As a former teacher, this has been such an amazing experience for me to have a child who truly loves letters and words.

His proud face just kills me!

And, this guy is a talented little pianist! He can read and play music written for both hands at the same time, and plays chords and arpeggios.

Recently, he's become interested in composing and then playing his own pieces. This is completely all him, and dare I say he can become a bit obsessed with it.

And now, in his own words...

What's your age?
Four. Four and a half.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A baseball player.

What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
Play with them like Jeopardy (we do this nightly on our Amazon Echo).

What makes you happy?
Nothing. I just stay happy.

What do you do really well?
Hit the ball over the fence.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

Favorite Instrument: Piano because I can play songs like Row Your Boat.

Favorite Color: Red it's my favorite color now because I've been seeing lots of red.

Favorite Book: Make Way for Ducklings

Favorite Music: Beethoven

Favorite Food: Dessert. Chocolate pudding.

This sweet guy just has our whole hearts! 

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