I've said it before - I'm the worst at getting photos printed. Sure, my iPhone is always out of space because I take so many photos, but other than posting them on Instagram or sharing them on the blog, I don't do much else with them. And real, tangible printed-out photos are just so much better. Enter Photowall. I was stoked when they reached out for us to try their site.
Photowall customizes in made-to-measure canvas prints and murals. I was especially fond of their collection of maps - we have a vintage framed world map in our den, but I loved this bright and colorful painted one for a kids room:

But since we're woefully low on personal printed photos around here, I opted to do a custom upload of one of my favorite family pics, taken last year.

The box arrived and I realized there was some assembly required 😂 This was my "Oh boy, what am I getting myself into?" face. I was determined to do it myself, though, and not employ the one in the house who actually has two advanced degrees in engineering (because somebody had to take the pictures, obvi! 😉).

It was actually not at all as difficult as I imagined, and now that the frame is built and the canvas has been stretched, I really like that these steps were done here. I've ordered large canvas art prints before that arrive with the canvas loose and wavy, and there's really nothing that can be done about it. Shipping pre-assembled ensures that the canvas will be in tip-top shape once made. Score.

This is my proud face. Use code: pwamandakdccampaign2017 for 20% off your order at Photowall!

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