Blossomwood Witches Ride

Last year, one of the ladies in the neighborhood started a Witches Ride as a charity benefit. She invited women to get dressed up as witches, and literally ride the streets of our neighborhood, throwing out candy to the crowd (a reverse trick-or-treat!).

I was stoked to participate this year, and even asked for a bicycle for my birthday so I'd be prepared. I hadn't been on a bike since undergrad, and although it used to be my primary source of transportation back then, it's quite different hopping on one as a thirty-five year-old! 

The weekend of the ride, we had a cold spell here in Alabama and temperatures never went above the mid forties! You can't really tell by the photo below, but it was cold! (Though we felt much better once we were all on bikes and moving.)

Everyone met at the neighborhood elementary school. There were literally hundreds of witches! Add in the DJ spinning tunes and the atmosphere was so high-energy fun and festive.

Love these witches!

Pink hair selfie!

Ready to roll!

The actual maneuvering and tossing out candy while riding was much more difficult than I had anticipated! I know that in college, I could easily ride while eating an ice cream cone, or talking on the phone, or sipping a coffee... but add in tons of spectators, a costume and a lots of other riders (all going slooooooow) and it was like a crazy obstacle course of riding! But so. much. fun.

Max and Parker were waiting in our front yard since the ride went ride by our house!

I love the silly string idea! I just might need to steal this for next year!

Also, Glenda the Good Witch was perfection to me!

I met back up with my boys after the ride to enjoy the block party - complete with a live band and food trucks! Parker obviously was already eyes deep in candy 😳

We stayed and visited with neighbors until the forty-degree weather prompted us to take our tacos and enjoy them in our warm home. Side note - as of today, the temperatures were back up to nearly eighty degrees, crazy Alabama weather!

My Scottsdale friends are already wanting to set up a similar event back in Arizona! I can't say enough good things about the entire thing.

Until next year, witches! 


  1. This is such a fun idea and looks like it was a great time! I used to love biking but it's so hard to go now with the boys. Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  2. This is seriously the funnest event. I would love to be a part of it!

  3. That looks like so much fun! One of my friends wife participated in it as well. All of the pictures look so great! I'm also totally over this crazy weather!

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