What Every Baby Girl Needs In Her Closet

Stop everything y'all. Big news (if you're a #girlmom, which I'm not but my sweet sister is about to be.) Freshly Picked is releasing a bow moccasin. I know, I needed a minute to take it in as well. 

Eeeeks! I feel like every baby girl needs these in her closet. Which is exactly why I'm gifting them as part of my sister's baby shower present. 

Speaking of my sister, how adorable is her baby bump?

I'm twelve kinds of excited that she's about to become a mama. It really is the best thing ever. But back to Freshly Picked. If you're a mom, you know these are the shoes for your little ones to have. They are the best quality, healthy for tiny feet, and darling to boot. 

Head over to my Instagram account where I'm partnering with Freshly Picked this week for a giveaway! Happy Tuesday!



  1. I love FP and think they are so precious!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. The 🎀 just puts them over the top!!

  2. I love moccs on a sweet little one, so adorable.

  3. OhMyGosh! These are too precious. I love the little bow. Thank you so much for the opportunity. 🎀💕

  4. It's so fun to be an Aunt to a little girl!

  5. First congrats to your sister and those are the cutest shoes ever. Love the rose gold color. We still have our super worn out FP shoes.


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