Ten on Tuesday

Our weekend kicked off early since Friday was an "Off Friday" for Max (meaning he doesn't go into the office, but often still has work duties). I jumped at the opportunity to go to a Pure Barre class since I don't get to go as much in the summer with Parker being out of school. I'm so happy I went because everyone in the 9:30AM class was surprised with Kendra Scott jewelry. Not. Kidding. We walked out post-class to dozens of tiny ribboned boxes, just like in my dreams :) Each box had something different, and it was so much fun seeing what everyone got. All the thank yous to the new Kendra Scott store (at Bridge Street Town Centre) and Pure Barre Huntsville!

Saturday morning we were out bright and early on the (very wet) t-ball field! Parker was so excited to field a ball during the game and throw it to first base. Max did batting line-up duty for this game, and this is how I found my boys when Parker was on deck. Too. Cute.

Our little slugger had some awesome hits. His face says it all - he loves the game!

Saturday mid-day we headed up north to stay with our Nashville friends. They took us out to see Nashville's minor league baseball team, The Sounds. Being a numbers guy, Parker was obsessed with all the stats from the game. He had the time of his life - I think baseball is a favorite. 

I was convinced the guy in front of us (in the blue shirt) was a famous actor and was this close to saying something, but everyone convinced me he was just a lookalike. Perhaps if I had had another vodka creamsicle slushie, haha. 

Sunday we got to enjoy this heaven, also known as Tennessee. 

Our sweet friends took us to Arrington Vineyards, southeast of Nashville. A picnic flight menu - have you ever heard of anything cuter? 

The three amigos had a blast listening to the live music and running around. The best way to Sunday!

We followed up Monday night with more live music at Big Spring Park.

These two and their twinning! It gets me every time!

My favorite way to Monday!

Parker will be rocking these new rainbows soon! The last time he wanted yellow rainbows, it was already fall and I couldn't find a pair of yellow rainbows in his size to save my life. This year, I tried to make a jump on it and ordered them now (though I know he can totally don them in our summer storms).

Last week, I blogged about the secret to Surviving our Summer Bucket List. Visit back for discounts on Viva and Clorox, plus a bundle package from Walmart. 

We are finally getting some tomatoes ripening in the garden! Everything is very slow going this year (friends and farmers in the area seem to be echoing the same thing). Apparently is just hasn't been hot enough for the tomatoes, but I'm guessing that will change soon. Yesterday we were able to pick just a couple golden yellow cherry tomatoes and one red one (plus lots of mint and basil). Keep growing, garden!

The earrings I blogged about last week are now on sale with free shipping. Click here and use the code HEATWAVE.

Um, is anyone else's child waking up earlier and earlier as the summer goes on? Coupled with no napping, and this Mama needs a daily coffee the size of her head. Wishing all the mamas all the caffeine today :)



  1. What a great bonus surprise for going to exercise class! I bet that made your day! I love seeing your hubby and son in matching shirts...so cute. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Arrington Vineyards is on our list of places to visit!! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it! And love the KS earrings you got! I have yet to go to Bridgestreet since the new store opened which is crazy because I go like once a week but I'm hoping to go soon!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. YES to the kids waking up earlier! OMG, every single Saturday and Sunday they have been getting up between 6 and 6:30 lately! That is just TOO early for the weekend!

  4. LOVING that Kendra Scott! What a neat little treat!

  5. I love all of these pics and love how much fun you guys are having! That action shot of Parker throwing the ball is perfect. it looks like he's got an arm!
    Beautifully Candid

  6. Aww his proud little face. Good job to him. All these pics look like the best time.

  7. Connor has been asking for red rain boots and thanks to Prime Day I got a pair for a decent price.

  8. Your tomatoes look great! And the creamsicle slushie sounds delicious!

  9. Oh my goodness I need one of those vodka creamsicle slushies! And how adorable is your little slugger! So happy :-D
    Green Fashionista

  10. Arrington Vineyards is my absolute FAVORITE place in Nashville! We went on our last girl's trip and it now holds some of my most special memories! Just the perfect place to spend the day :)


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