Friday Favorites

My sweet Mama is in town from California, so it's an extra happy Friday around here! First stop after the airport: Jeni's Ice Creams of course!

Followed by homemaking the Darkest Chocolate flavor from the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Homecookbook. Find the recipe here. Spoiler alert: it's amaze.

I ordered these pint containers since we've been on our homemade ice cream kick, and they work perfectly for storing the ice cream! (Each recipe fills about two pint containers.)

Hello to my very first romper! It had to be documented. After months of being anti-romper (you know, the whole getting undressed in public restrooms thing), this one won me over. I'm in love. So much that I wore it out to date night, then three days later out to a Junior League event (I figured I wouldn't be seeing any of the same people, haha). 

For date night, Max and I took on the "omakase" menu at Yoshi Sushi (Japanese translation: I'll leave it up to you - basically chef's choice). It was seriously so much fun! Each of the fourteen courses was a surprise and was explained in detail. Favorites included the tuna belly nigiri and the smoked truffled yellowtail bowl (complete with the cloche that released the smoke at the table). But best of all was face time with husby of course! With work travel and a four-year-old running around, it was so nice to be able to concentrate on just each other!

My Junior League event was at a speak easy inside a local brewery, and it included a fundraiser featuring Kendra Scott (I mean, it had my name written all over it). I had been eyeing these statement earrings since they were released this summer, and it was the perfect opportunity to snag them! You know, supporting Junior League and all ;) 

It's a wrap on t-ball for the summer season! 

Parker had such a fun time playing on the Marlins team, and was thrilled to have Dada out on the field assisting coaching for all the games. 

And he adored batting! Though he says he is ready for real baseball, and does not want to hit off the tee anymore, haha. 

Little Man was so lucky to have Nana and Papa in town from Dallas and cheering him on for his last game!

Our little slugger!

Happy Friday!


  1. Are you kidding me with that ice cream?! Now I'm thinking I need to make Darkest Chocolate ASAP. And those pint containers are perfect! The romper is super cute, and so are the earrings. Looks like a great date night, and congrats to your little guy on a fun t-ball season! What a cutie. ❤

  2. That Lily romper is SO cute! I have yet to wear a romper either. I love the way they look but jeez, the bathroom situation is just so bizarre. Haha.

  3. yah! Jeni's is the BEST! cute romper too. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Happy Friday! I hope you have a great time with your mom. All of that ice cream sounds amazing. You look so cute in that romper and you got some really great t-ball shots! Beautifully Candid

  5. The romper looked so cute! And Im to chicken to make my own homemade ice-cream but that looks good!

  6. Yay for mamas!! Glad she's in town to visit. And that ice cream looks scrumptious. I am loving that romper! And I loved t ball/minor league season. It's so fun! Happy Weekend!

  7. I love that Parker enjoyed baseball. Connor... not so much. I don't think he is a huge fan of hot humid sports.

  8. That romper is absolutely stunning on you. 😊

  9. I love sushi and what a fun way to experience it. Love that romper on you. I may have to try one. I had the same reservations about them too.


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