Winter Essentials

I'm loving this print by Jones Design Company for all things winter! Who couldn't use a darling yellow coat?

Or perfect black heels? I own these exact Cole Haan ones and I'm absolutely in love with them. 

Also perfect for a winter's day? A good read.

I have been waiting for what seems like ages for my library hold to come in for The Woman in Cabin 10 (I think I was something like number fifteen on the hold list) so I was stoked when my name came up this week! Hopefully it will tide me over until my hold comes up for this book, because I'm this close to just ordering it on Amazon!

You might be able to tell from my Hunters above that it's been crazy rainy here this week. We still try to get outside on wet days... because #boymom

Parker's favorite activity on a rainy day? Puddle stomping of course! On a side note, the picture below was an Instagram "story" :) I've been having so much fun using the story editing features. Have you tried it? Follow along with our stories @sugarmande

On our Insta, you'll also see lots of food pics, like this one!

Parker loves his sushi, just like Mama and Dada! Sushi was, after all, our very fist date way back in California. Other food favorites this week include air-popped popcorn with truffle salt and melted butter...

And waffles with Nutella, strawberries and cream. Yum. 

Followed by Pilates, so I can still fit into my pants. 

Finally, Target had my heart this week...

Parker selected bouncy balls to hand out as his valentines (they came in packs of four and even offered the phrase "You make my heart bounce" which we'll print on our own tags), and I was swooning over these too cute erasers. But my favorite Dollar Spot find? 

These amazing felt manipulatives and flash cards. Parker went to town with them as soon as we got home. #allthefeltthingsplease

Happy winter weekend!


  1. Your son's little rain boots are too cute! Happy Friday :)

    1. Thanks so much!! He settled on red because his favorite color (orange) was totally out of stock! If I could, I'd own then in every color ;)

  2. Love the yellow trenchcoat :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Inspired Clothing

  3. You've nailed winter in your post today!! Snacks, books, cozy clothes to keep you dry. All so important for the winter months.


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