Homemade Kids Valentines

 With each passing year, celebrating holidays with Parker gets better and better.  He understands more, can do more, and gets more excited about all each holiday entails. This year, I'm twelve kinds of excited to share my very favorite holiday with him. He'll already tell anyone he sees that he can't wait for Valentine's Day because we get to eat lots of chocolate :) We decided to get an early start on some of little man's valentines after I came across this nifty set of blank cards at Target's Dollar Spot:

They were just begging for a tiny person makeover. We brought them home and I placed heart shaped stickers on the fronts of the cards (you could also use painters tape cut into heart shapes - the idea is to get something that can be peeled off after painting). Then, I brought out the Crayola Washables and offered pinks, whites and purples to Parker. He looooves opening the containers and pouring the paint onto the paper plate all by himself, because three-and-a-half. I instructed him to cover up the heart with paint. He began with the paintbrush...

But soon after asked if he could just use his hands. Why not? I usually put out some sort of box top to corral his work, and by far our best investment for our kitchen has been this tiny kids table and chairs. Parker prefers to do all his artwork at the table, sitting or standing it's the perfect height and size.

He made it through several cards before pronouncing he was done. I let the paint dry and then peeled off the stickers and voilĂ ! Homemade valentines, ready to be popped in the mail to family and friends. Parker just needs to add his name :)

Homemade Kids Valentines

Items Needed
1. Blank white cards from the Dollar Spot (or any other card with a canvas like or shiny texture that will stand up to a sticker being peeled off)

2. Heart shaped stickers or wide painters tape cut into heart shapes

3. Crayola Washable Paint (select colors that will blend well together)

4. Paint brushes - or hands ;)

5. Paper plate for paint

6. Optional - box top to serve as workspace 

1. Place heart shapes onto cards (I like to stick them on the back of my hand a few times to reduce stickiness since the goal is to peel them off the card when done).

2. Pour paint onto paper plate (or have your little one do it). Instruct your little one to cover up the hearts with the paint.

3. Let dry and peel of the hearts. 

4. Enjoy your valentines! :)


  1. Such a cute project that is an instant keepsake. Connor and I need to tackle our Valentine's soon!

  2. His Valentines are so cute! I love that they're handmade too rather than just the store bought kind.

  3. Well if these aren't the cutest stinking things! How clever! I love it!

  4. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! They key is only offering paint colors that blend well (instead of turning into brown, ick!)


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