Friday Five - Solo Travel Edition

The first week of August, I found myself on a plane out to California to be with my sweet Mama, who was scheduled for heart surgery at Stanford. I snagged a Pinkberry on my layover, extra happy sprinkles... because happy sprinkles make everything better.

I wore my tried and true summer airplane combo for the flights: crochet Toms and black Zella live-in leggings

The shoes are super comfortable and up to the task of high-tailing it through a crowded airport. At the same time, they're breathable for when it's warm, yet keep my feet covered if the airplane gets too chilly. Perfection. Paired with the leggings (and add a tank and a cardigan) it's the perfect marriage. (On a side note, I've owned the shoes for over three years and they still look as good as new, though my other types of Toms have not held up nearly as well.)

I tested a new travel bag for my trip - and I'm in love. It's actually a backpack, so it lets me be hands free (or, you know, hands holding coffee and croissant since I was traveling solo). I somehow scored it during the #nsale despite the fact that it kept selling out... as of last week it was sold out again, but was just restocked! Even at full price, it's such a steal. It's faux leather but you'd never know it. It's well made, and was perfect for flying - it even fit my laptop!
My aunt loved it so much when she saw it that she wanted one of her own. It wasn't available when we looked for her, but we did find this one, very similar and currently on sale!

And what to stow in the backpack? My new favorite find - Evian mist!
These 1.7 oz. sizes are under the 3 oz. TSA limit, so they are airplane friendly. A nice face spray goes a long way on hour seven of an eleven hour travel day. 

Finally, Max sent me with his external battery pack. When my phone battery was low during my second flight, it was so nice to be able to charge it right at my seat. I realize some seats do have outlets underneath, and airports have charging stations as well, but it's so comforting to have the battery pack for back-up (especially on long travel days flying cross-country). 

And while Max's was functional, the Kate Spade one above is way cuter. 

All these items actually came in super handy for the week spent at the hospital, as well. As for my sweet Mama, her heart surgery (mitral valve repair) was a success! It was a big deal surgery, and she was a rockstar patient - even being discharged ahead of schedule! We're so thankful for the prayers, happy thoughts and positive vibes.


  1. I hope your mom's surgery went well and she's recovering nicely!! I can't travel without my evian spray - it's amazing!! Loving that backpack too!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That face mist is a lifesaver on long flights!

  3. So glad the surgery went well!! And I NEED that backpack - so perfect for traveling!! Such a great price, too!

  4. Prayers for a smooth recovery for your Mom. Surgery can be such a scary thing to endure.


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