The 5th of July

It's the fifth of July, and even the weather is sad that the weekend is over (it's storming here and so dark and dreary!). We celebrated all weekend with our dear family friends in Nashville (who were the best hosts, btw). By the time the sun set Monday night, we were back at home in Huntsville, exhausted and already in bed! We did pack a ton of patriotic fun in over the long weekend though...

We "grilled out" in Nashville (the Southern way of saying "BBQ" - a "BBQ" in The South involves smoking meat and using barbecue sauce... so many things I still need to learn, y'all!).

We explored the darling historic area of Franklin...

And caught a minor league baseball game - The Nashville Sounds!

This was Parker's first time attending a baseball game of any kind, and he was delighted that it was just like t-ball! He especially loved watching the catcher, and asked questions the whole time about all the details. 

Post-game there was a fireworks display set to music and Parker couldn't get enough (literally - he burst into tears when it ended because he wanted more).

This was Parker's fourth 4th of July, and just like his Daddy, he's a fan of fireworks and all things that go boom! 

 Happy Independence Day from our family to yours!


  1. Loving the IDK... wouldn't risk it sign. I love people with a sense of humor. =)

    It Looks like y'all such a fun time over the weekend. Hopefully the bad weather passes soon.

    1. I can't complain - it's what makes everything green around here! :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! How fun that you drove up to Nashville :) I had no idea they call it grilling instead of BBQ in the south. I have a lot to learn too!

  3. So many cute pictures! XOXO Stopping by from the linkup!

  4. So much fun! Can't wait for the next Klein/Thomas adventure! 😘

  5. Okay it looks like you had an amazing fourth!!! Those cupcakes look delicious! Thanks so much for linking up with us!


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