Friday Faves - Summertime Edition

Summer ends a bit earlier here in the South... schools start back the first week of August - the first week! That's right around the corner. And while Sweet P's preschool doesn't start until mid-August, I'm still feeling the push to soak up every bit of summer that's left. Here's what I'm loving lately...

Reading Little Owl's Night with Parker

We love this sweet story that tells of Little Owl's evening adventures in the forest. It's a true Friday favorite - husby has proclaimed on more than one occasion that it's his very favorite children's book. The teacher in me loves that it introduces a novel setting (nighttime!) and throws in some science - Parker points out all the animals that are nocterminal (nocturnal). The story is sweet and I never tire of reading it. Plus, the forest setting reminds me of camping which is so summer. Parker has been asking to do some real camping, so I think a backyard campout is in our not-too-distant future.

Getting our Swim On

I've said it before - I love belonging to a community pool! It was fabulous having our own pool in Scottsdale, but I never went in alone with Parker on weekdays because #safety. Anyway, the community pool has a lifeguard + playmates (for Mommy and for Parker, ha!). Plus, it's only a short walk away. We just load up our trusty wagon, and these shoes have been my jam. They are super comfy for walking but keep my feet cool in the summer sun. Parker prefers his natives (I think he's on the third size of the exact same shoe, exact same color - they are a godsend each summer).

At-Home Manicures

 Good As Gold by essie is where it's at. I'm a lover of all essie, but this color has a special place in my heart. It's the best for at-home manis because the metallic color is super forgiving. You can't mess up your do-it-yourself manicure with this (and it's all DIYs here right now). Use this gel-setter on top and you'll be good for at least a week.

Reality T.V.

As you know, we don't have a television in the house, but I do love to stream shows while Sweet P is napping and I'm folding laundry or tidying up the house. I had totally forgotten that the newest season of the O.C. Housewives had started, so I've been binge watching/listening this week during nap time. #guiltypleasure #lovemesomeheatherdubrow

Family walks to Concerts in the Park

This is just quintessential summertime to me - a family walk downtown, dinner from the food trucks, listening to live music... long live summer!


  1. I love that y'all can walk to some of your favorite summertime activities! That must be so enjoyable :) Happy Friday!

  2. I love the gel top coat too! I'm in desperate need of a mani/pedi every so often I just like someone to clean up my fingers. They need some love right now! Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah I wish I could paint my own nails but it always ends up looking like my toddler did it!

    Stopping over from the linkup - hope you can hop by my blog too! Have a great weekend!

  4. I live under a rock and have never tried Essie's nail polish! That color is beautiful!

  5. I love that gold Essie color! Have a great weekend!

  6. We love Little Owl's Night! Jacob and I used to read it when he was tiny and now Olivia and I read it together. So sweet!

  7. Real housewives is such a great show to have on as noise in the background!!! Have a great weekend! gg

  8. Little Owl's Night is one of our favorite books too! My son is also very into Pete The Cat books too! I'm very jealous that you can walk to all the fun that your town offers. We live in a more rural area so I have to get in the car to go do the fun things offered in town. On the flip side we have a pool so that is super duper fabulous! Loved visiting your blog! xo Amanda


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