Five Tips for 5AM Pure Barre + Five Reasons to Go

I'm not a morning person, and I'm certainly not a workout-in-the-morning person. Case in point - all throughout undergrad, I would run the same 4-6 mile loop in the afternoons and evenings. But if I ever tried to do the same exact run in the morning, I couldn't do it. I would literally have to stop, feeling like death warmed over - my body just not having it. And just for funsies, this is where I would do my running:

Yep, the gorgeous bluffs overlooking the Pacific. I will argue all day that I went to the prettiest university ever. Also, this is why I'm a running snob to this day. #gottahaveanoceanview

Anyway, this past fall when I was completing the 20 Pure Barre Classes in 20 Days challenge, I realized with dismay that in order to get all twenty classes into my schedule, I'd have to do some early A.M. classes... like five forty-five in the morning classes. I was worried, but come to find out, doing barre in the morning is not at all like running in the morning. It's low impact (one of the reasons why I love it), not cardio focused, and involves just little movements and holding positions. Much easier when I'm still trying to open my eyes. My first class was really no different from any of the later morning or evening classes - score. And then I was hooked. Early morning classes are the best thing ever I declared! And this is why...

(My very favorite leggings are on super sale right now here!)

1. It's free time. 
Like, literally. I don't know about you, but I'm normally sleeping at 5 A.M. So to get a workout in is a bonus hour - especially nice if you are a Mama. The fifty-five Pure Barre minutes are pure bliss - I leave everything at the door and it's my "me time" :)  I slip back in the house afterwards and Sweet P is still sleeping and Max is usually still showering or getting ready for work... it's like I never left!

2. It sets the tone for the day. 
I read some article awhile back about how music in the morning can alter your mood and set a positive day in motion. My eyes have still barely opened by the time an early morning class starts, so I'm pretty much beginning my day with the fun and upbeat tunes from class. It seriously sets such a happy path for the whole day. 

3. There's never a wait list.
There is definitely a dedicated group of early morning ladies who go to class every morning (they are go-getters and so motivating!), but generally speaking, there is a bit more breathing room in five am class (and I've never, ever had a class be totally booked/full - there's always room to join!). 

4. Your workout is done before seven.
I love my PB classes (that's why I do them, duh) but if I have a late-in-the-day class, I think about it all day long. I don't dread it, it's more the constant reminder in the back of my head: Don't forget class! You have class today! Do you remember? Class tonight! If you attend the early morning class, it's done before you do anything else and you can free yourself for the whole rest of the day. 

5. You feel like superwoman.
Yep. On these days I feel like superwoman. I return home before seven, super energized and ready to get. things. done. It's fabulous. Pure Barre is just the best start to a day - so much so that when I turned thirty-three last October, I began my day with the 5:45A.M. class.

And how adorable is this? My studio has special colorful weights for birthdays!

So, have I convinced you? Will I see you at class in the morning? Here are five tips for early morning Pure Barre...

1. Go to bed early.
I said it was free time, but technically it's sleep time and you have to make that up somehow - so hit the sack early the night before (you'll thank me later).

2. Plan ahead.
I set my alarm for 5:20AM for a 5:45AM class. I want to make sure I get every single minute of shut-eye possible. This gives me ten minutes to get dressed, another ten to drive to the studio and get settled, and I'm in my seat five minutes before the start of class to do some stretching (classes always start right on time - another reason I love PB!).

3. Set out your entire outfit the night before.
And by entire, I mean every single thing you need (don't forget shoes, undies, jacket in the winter). I learned this the hard way - it takes ten times longer to locate, say, a hairband in the morning when you are barely awake than it does the night before. This is also how I can do my streamlined "leave the house in ten minutes" routine - get up, brush teeth, put on everything in front of me, take-off. Bonus points if you have fun new workout gear to lay out - I have my eye on these adorable cut-out leggings right now, and these fun mesh ones are on sale and calling my name, too!

4. Listen to your body.
Are you a breakfast eater? Grab something portable on your way out (a breakfast bar, a banana). My stomach is so not ready for food that early, so just a water bottle is all I need until post-class. 

5. Have something to look forward to.
After every single early morning class, I mobile order a cappuccino from my phone and swing by Starbucks to pick it up. It adds maybe three minutes to my commute home since the parking lot is pretty empty that early, and I get to just run in and run out. It's fabulous and it makes the morning even more special. Maybe you're a cold-pressed juice gal, or a smoothie lover? Anything to give yourself a special pat-on-the-back/high-five for being awesome ;)

Full disclosure: I did not make it to a single early morning class all summer long. Summer was just too full of travel, and lazy mornings, and pool days and taking it easy. But come the new school year, I totally intend on getting back in the groove doing at least one early morning a week. And what about you? Have I convinced you on early morning work-outs???


  1. I wish the barre studios near me had early classes. A lot of them don't start classes until 6 and with having to leave my house by 7:15 to head to work it just doesn't fit. Jess at Just Jess

    1. I see lots of ladies bring their change go clothes and get dressed for the day right after class! This wouldn't work for a platform class though, because #sweat lol.

  2. I used to go to the 5:30am spin classes at my gym... best decision ever! You get your day started off right, you get your workout knocked out early, and you're up and ready to go before the rest of the world is. Luckily, I think I'll be going back to the early morning workout in a few weeks! :)

  3. You seriously do feel like superwoman! AND you don't have to talk yourself into a workout at the end of the day!

  4. You're a better woman than me! Although I have been swearing that beginning next week I'm going to become a morning workout person haha! The closest PB studio to me is 20 minutes, so while I do love the idea of the being over with my workout by 7, I do not want to get up that early ;)

  5. I've heard so many good things about PB, but I've never done it. Sadly they don't have it where I'm at so I'll just pretend that I go ;)

  6. Love this post! I'll be moving soon and once I'm closer to my PB studio I want to try doing morning classes. It would be so nice to have them done early in the day and not be sweaty every night after class. =D

  7. You have reminded me why I use to love working out at 4am. Up before everyone, and when I'm done, I get to see the sunrise on my way home and my day feels so energized. I miss those days. :)


  8. I swear you read my mind... I keep setting a goal to get up and do my Barre 3 workout before the kids get up. Some how that snooze button keeps calling my name! This is great motivation!

  9. I really want to find a Barre class near me and try it out. I think it would be a nice change up from my normal gym routine.

  10. This is such a motivating post!
    I don't know that I can sneak out of the house to work out that early, but I definitely need to start getting up earlier and exercising! ;)

  11. I know everything you're saying is true, but it's so hard to get up!!!! I love the accountability of signing up in advance and being financially responsible if I skip. Now, if I was only brave enough to actually sign up on a regular basis…

  12. These are good reasons to motivate. Let's go! :)


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